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Orangutan Interactive

We are a small company based in Seattle, Washington that creates innovative web and mobile applications that solve real problems for real people.

Our Services

Idea Incubation

Have a great idea? We can help you to refine it into a concept and prototype.

Strategy and Optimization

With many years of startup experience, we can help you refine your strategy. Our strategy always is focused on what is best for the user and any changes we recommend will be on adding real value to the user. What value are you offering and how will people benefit from that value? How will people hear about you? We believe in data driven optimization and will help make sure you have the right metrics in place to measure the benefits of each feature and change in strategy.

Agile Project Management

Agile means being able to control the development of your idea and react as new requirements emerge. We check in with you every week. If you choose to go with the full agile process we set new goals together every two weeks. If your company or organization needs to have your goals set up front, we are also available to provide a fixed bid based on your requirements. Either way, we will always keep you closely involved in the development process.


Get your ideas into the hands of your users with the iPhone and iPad. We program native apps in Objective C and can also offer PhoneGap work.

Django, Tornado, and Python

Django and Python are two excellent server side application tools. We have several years of experience with Django, including applications that serve thousands of users across many device types. If you have a website that needs to have a lot of traffic or simultaneous requests, we can help set up an asynchronous Tornado server to take some of the load of your main Django application.

API Design

An API can help you open your application up to others, allowing collaboration and new ways of connecting to your app. We can help you design and implement a standards compliant API.


Backbone, Dojo, jQuery, HTML5? You got it. Today's web requires seamless interactions when visiting a site. The best way to accomplish this is using JavaScript and HTML5 technologies since they work well across all kinds of phones, tablets, and computers. We can help you take your application to the next level while keeping user experience and accessibility in mind.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has redefined the cloud computing space and we can help you take advantage of the flexibility the cloud provides. Other cloud companies like Digital Ocean, Linode, and Rackspace Cloud offer competing products to AWS. We can look at your requirements and then help to choose the best provider and solution that works for you.


Do you need a search page for your website or organization, or do you need to analyze a lot of data? Elasticsearch offers an excellent solution that is quick to set up. We can then build a custom user interface to your search. Kibana 3 and other open source tools will also let you plugin to Elasticsearch and do your own data analysis. We are experts in Elasticsearch and can help you get the most out of it.


Check back soon for the Portfolio!

Our Philosophy

Create Value

We believe in creating value - value for the people who use what we create and value for the companies that we work with.

Be Honest and Work with Integrity

Sometimes in the fast moving world of the web and apps the person who is most important is also the one who is the most forgotten: the user. We believe in working with absolute integrity with users from respecting their privacy to prioritizing their security. No business goal can be more important than the needs and rights of the user.


Every solution that Orangutan Interactive creates is tailored to the unique requirements presented by each project. Using agile methodologies and tools, we are able to solve real world problems in a timely way. Innovation means looking at a problem with fresh eyes and finding new ways to solve it. Sometimes it even mean redefining the problem. We work closely with you to find the best solutions available.


We deliver solutions that work. Even if it takes a few iterations to get there we make sure that you have an application in your hands which you can use. When defining a project, or an iteration for a project we set real goals and meet them.

Give Back

We support the development of open source software in order to give back to the community that makes many of our solutions possible.

Get in Touch!

Free evaluation of your proposal

To get your idea in motion, send an email to Tom Gruner at We will provide a free evaluation of your idea or project at no obligation.